With the popularity of the internet still growing like wildfire, it is more
important than ever that your business projects a professional image on the
world-wide web. Your company may be the best in its market, but if you have a
poorly designed website, you could be missing out on a great deal of business.
First impressions are crucial when a potential customer is browsing the
internet for your specific service. If your website is lacking, who do you think
they will choose?

Not only do we build websites for all kinds of businesses, but we implement
SEO Integration within your site to make sure it shows up in various search
engines like Google. We do all of this, while undercutting big agencies, and
saving you thousands of dollars.


Our process of giving a business a website design or redesign is simple. First, we do extensive
research on the particular company before even having an initial meeting. We get a strong sense
of what your business provides, and what market it appeals to. Things that may seem trivial to
most people make a major difference in aiding in the rebranding of a company; even things such
as Colors, Shapes, Typography, Page Layout, and more. We also study your competition, to gain
an upper hand and set the bar higher for you.


A lot of big agencies will send scouts to meetings to give the potential client a vague
overview of what design skills they have, but more importantly, to shop a “ballpark” figure to you
which will be low enough to keep you somewhat interested. They will then either set up a second
meeting, or send you an email with a revised quote that will blow your hair back.


What’s unique about Skymap Creative is that it is solely owned and run by one person. When you
meet with us, you meet with the owner. The owner speaks with you one on one, bouncing ideas
off of you and building a REAL relationship. Because we are a small business, and run by only
one Lead Designer, we are able to undercut the astronomical prices of big agencies. We are able
to save your company in some cases up to 40% less than what a big agency would charge, while
giving you a better product in the end.


The one thing we pride ourselves on is communication during the design and development
process. As we make progress, we send “mocks” of the current work to the client to give them a
sense of security and control over what is ultimately their companies image. As feedback is
provided, we walk the client all the way to the finish line, with a professional and competitive
website that will impress all demographics.