First impressions are everything, and that goes for your business as well.
Branding is your image, perceived by the general public. Does your company
logo communicate what you offer? Is your logo professional and up to current
design standards? These are two very crucial things to consider when running
a business. People are much more likely to trust a company that projects a
professional image because a professional image gives off the impression of
success. A successful business is worth trusting.

The amount of successful business with out-dated logos is still surprisingly
high. Your competitors are updating their brand image, and so should you. We
give our clients clean, creative logos that easily communicate what they do.


Companies often need a Logo Re-Design. Most companies with an out-dated logo, have already
built a name for themselves and are weary of deviating from the logo they have, for fear of not
being recognized anymore. We specialize in giving makeovers to a brand, giving it a modern look
while keeping the original look intact. Below, is a Logo Re-Design we did for Directions Equity.